Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt

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Research can take many forms. It can be quantitative or qualitative, relying on analysis of big data or more subjective accounts. It can be undertaken at first hand, through closeanalysis or a particular topic or field of action, or it can involve analysing the first-hand research of others to build a compelling picture.

Core Expertise

Something of a Renaissance woman, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt has studied the biological sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. She has undertaken close research of historical developments – from cultural policy in Cuba to the artist-led movement in the UK. She has analysed creative health from a variety of angles, including consulting the work of Nordic researchers which suggested an association between cultural attendance and longer lives better lived. From her home institution, King’s College London, Rebecca has published widely in well-regarded academic journals and anthologies.

Experience: Journal Articles, Book Chapters and Reports

This page contains examples of Rebecca’s research – from creative health to wider considerations of the social value of culture. Clicking on any of the images will take you to the relevant report or journal article (link will open in a new tab).

To find out more, or to commission research work, please contact research[at]

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